How to Build a Fishing Rod Holder?

One of the most common ways for families to spend quality time together is by going fishing.

Taking a family out fishing is a tried and true method to bond as a group and enjoy one other’s company. As a hobby, fishing keeps us busy and can provide lasting memories.

The number of fishing rods we have to lug along because of our hobby is ridiculous. So a rack has been built on the garage wall just for the rods, but how to build a fishing rod? On the other hand, we have improvised PVC holders for use when surf-casting from the jetty.

This easy-to-make holder is the right answer for those who like fishing but need a more convenient place to keep their rods. The greatest aspect is that anybody can assemble it, regardless of their carpentry abilities.

An easy way to organize and show off your fishing rod collection is with a do-it-yourself fishing rod holder. For convenience, you may use it as a casting station while you’re on the water, and it can also hold your fishing rods when they’re not in use.

DIY fishing rod holders may be made in many ways. Most of them are constructed using PVC pipe and fittings. A metal pipe or a wooden dowel can work, too.

How to Build a Fishing Rod Holder?

  • You will need a few pieces of 42-inch board, a jigsaw with a fine blade, a drill, some sandpaper, and some rut-oleum glow-in-the-dark spray to make your fishing board visible in the dark or when you return after a night of fishing.
  • This storage container for fishing rods requires a long list of materials that are readily accessible and inexpensive. 
  • Besides the apparent equipment like a drill and a table saw, you’ll also need some adhesive panel project boards, plywood, TROFAST deep storage boxes, wood glue, castors, paint in any color, and a Forstner. The size and measurements required are laid out in the manual.
  • Is it silly that our garage is being used to store your fishing pole? Again, less than ten dollars will get you this far. Using just some PVC pipes, PVC end caps, and brass cup hooks, we constructed a fantastic rod holder for our storage shed. 
  • A long wood saw, a measuring tape, a screwdriver, a Philips head drill, a pocketful of rubber bands, and a package of rod clips are all needed to begin. 
  • The locations of stores carrying these supplies are provided. Get out your tape measure and see how much wood you’ll need to cover your car’s top. Remember that you might also secure the rod holder to the top of your automobile by screwing it. If you don’t want something permanent, you may dispense with the screws entirely.
  • A basic sketch will do if you want to make sure your proportions are correct and have an overall mental picture of the job. You’ll need timber in four distinct sizes and measurements for the sides, bases, bottom, and support. 
  • It’s a good idea to have essential tools like a hammer, screwdriver, drill, tape measure, and miter saw on hand before starting. Getting the appropriate form for the wooden fishing rod holder might take up to a day if you need to get used to working with wood. Learn about Best All Around Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.


How to build a fishing rod holder? A fishing rod might be a nuisance regarding storage space, but you can solve this problem by building a fishing rod holder. Finding the right container is easy, whether you have a single rod or a whole arsenal.

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