Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Don’t be fooled by the name “ultra-light fishing.” Contrary to the name, the ultra-light tackle is surprisingly powerful and durable.

The diminutive size and delicate construction of the fishing equipment used to practice ultra-light fishing inspired the term. The rods and reels used in ultra-light fishing are often significantly shorter and thinner than traditional fishermen. Learn about the Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos in this article.

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Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

1. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo|Baitcasting Combo , IM6 Graphite Blank Rods

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best in Versatility

We like to have KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo because they offer incredible features at an excellent value. The IM6 Graphite blank rod is extremely lightweight yet powerful, making it the perfect choice for light to medium-heavy fishing. The reel has 7+1 double-shielded stainless ball bearings and carbon drag for easy casting with minimal friction. The golf-style super polymer handle is comfortable and slip resistant, giving you maximum control over your fishing rod in even the wettest conditions.

The combination of components in this combo makes it suitable for various applications, from freshwater or saltwater fishing to bass, musky, walleye, pike, or other species. It also works excellently with heavier lures such as crankbaits and spoons without sacrificing performance. Its durable construction ensures that it will last you for years of hassle-free angling.

Why We Love it?

Its smooth casting action makes it ideal for both experienced fish enthusiasts and beginners alike; its lightweight design allows you to cast farther with less effort. The drag system is potent yet smooth and reliable – allowing you to fight larger fish without worry while protecting your line from breakage during long fights. 

The KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo boast many features that make it an excellent value-for-money product. From its lightweight design that won’t tire out your arms after long days on the water to its durable construction that will last many seasons, this combo packs a punch at an unbeatable price point!


Rod Length7 Feet
ColorWhite, Black
MaterialAluminum, Graphite, Carbon Fiber
Fishing TechniqueCasting, Baitcasting, Spinning


  • Usable for right and left-handed
  • Smooth Bearings
  • Light and sensitive rod.


  • Casting can be tricky.

2. Cadence CC5 Spinning Combo Lightweight with 24-Ton Graphite 2-Piece Graphite Rod

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Overall

The CC5 series offers a range of sizes and actions to choose from that make it suitable for many fishing situations. The 24-ton Graphite also ensures that this combo is lightweight without sacrificing power or sensitivity while fishing. Its carbon fiber drag system delivers smooth yet powerful drag control, effectively allowing anglers to fight hard-fighting fish without slipping or losing line tension. 

Additionally, the combination of the carbon composite frame & side plates with the stainless steel guides & inserts makes this product highly durable and reliable in all conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for something that will last them years in harsh weather climates or traveling to different fishing locations worldwide. 

Why We Love it?

The Cadence CC5 Spinning Combo is the best choice for its sophisticated design, lightweight construction, and quality materials. This two-piece graphite rod is made from 24-ton Graphite. 

It features corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides & inserts, a strong carbon composite frame & side plates, and a comfortable oversized ergonomic EVA handle knob. The reel has a reliable stainless steel main shaft and aluminium pinion gear. Together, the combo provides anglers with smooth casting performance for various fishing conditions. 


Rod Length6.6 Inches
ColorWhite, Black
Item Weight0.11 Pounds
MaterialCarbon Fiber


  • Reliable performance.
  • Rods lengths
  • robust and corrosion-resistant reel.


  • Not retrofitted 

3. Penn Squall Lever Drag Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Combo

The six stainless-steel bearings offer unsurpassed smoothness and reliability, while the silent double-dog anti-reverse eliminates back-to-play and prevents line tangles in the spool. The switch-blade harness lugs make switching out lines between trips easy, ensuring you’re always set up perfectly.

The forged and machined aluminium spool also features line capacity rings, making it easy to track how much line is out at any given time. The Penn Squall Lever Wind Reel & Rod Combo is an excellent choice for any angler who wants a reliable setup to handle the harshest conditions. 

Why We Love it?

Its design ensures maximum durability and performance, meaning your fishing time will be as stress-free as possible thanks to its reliable drag system and smooth operation. With its lightweight construction yet heavy-duty components, no matter what type of fishing you’re doing, this combo can handle anything you throw at it!


Rod Length7 Feet
Item Weight2 Pounds


  • Easy to repair
  • Unisex use
  • Heavy duty


  • No rod

4. PENN Carnage II & Carnage III Boat Conventional Fishing Rod

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Editor’s Pick

The PENN Carnage II Conventional Boat Rod, is a truly remarkable addition to high-performance fishing. This rod, constructed with a proprietary SLS3 blank, is lightweight and highly durable. This makes it ideal for boat, jig, surf, or nearshore angling. We love this rod as much for its features as we do for its performance. 

The first thing that stands out about the PENN Carnage II is its robust yet lightweight blank construction. With Fuji K-Guides and Sea-Guide reel seats, you can be sure that this rod will provide excellent performance in even the most challenging conditions. The blanks are thin in diameter while still lightweight, making them perfect for fishing in shallow and deep waters. 

Why We Love it?

In addition to being incredibly strong and lightweight, the PENN Carnage II also has Hypalon/Rubber Shrink tube handles, making it easy to access without sacrificing comfort or control. The design of these handles also adds style and sophistication to the overall look of the rod itself. Whether you’re looking for something that looks great or can handle severe amounts of stress during your trips on the water, this rod does not disappoint! 


Fishing TechniqueCasting
Item Weight0.4 Kilograms


  • Graphite reel seat
  • Fast action
  • ‎Manufacturer’s warranty


  • None

5. Shimano Grappler Type J GRPJS70ML Spinning Rod 

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Spinning Rod

Shimano is a revolutionary jigging rod series designed with the deadly Shimano Butterfly jigs, developed from a highly productive Japanese-style jigging system. With these rods, anglers can enjoy an agile, lightweight and light-action feel – perfect for high-speed, high-power reels. 

The Shimano also features Fuji Alconite guides that provide ultimate line control while minimising line friction to ensure long, accurate casts. The Spiral X Core Technology also provides a strong yet lightweight blank that reduces fatigue during long days on the water. 

Why We Love it?

We love the Shimano for its smooth and responsive action when casting and retrieving lures. The rods are designed to be comfortable and easy to use, whether you’re fishing for trout or saltwater gamefish. The proprietary TC4 blank construction provides superior strength, sensitivity and control, while the EVA foam foregrip gives excellent gripping ability in wet conditions. 


Fishing TechniqueSpinning
Item Weight5 Pounds


  • Smooth action
  • Spinning fishing
  • Lightweight blanks 


  • Reel is absent

6. Ugly Stik Bigwater Stand Up Conventional Fishing Rod

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best in Durability

The construction of the rod is graphite and fibreglass for a lighter-weight rod while maintaining legendary toughness and strength. The UglyTuff one-piece stainless steel guides provide maximum durability and eliminate insert pop-outs during rough treatment. A 7-year warranty covers this sturdy construction, an assurance you won’t find anywhere else. 

This incredibly versatile rod has a lure rating of 3-8 oz., meaning it can be used for a variety of freshwater species, from panfish to walleyes to bass, depending on the size of the lure used. The Ugly Stik Clear Tip design ensures strength and sensitivity no matter how hard you use it. It also features an all-new look that distinguishes it from any other fishing rod in its class. 

Why We Love it?

We love the Ugly Stik Stand-Up Rod because it is designed to offer durability and dependability that no other rod series can match. With its 20-40 lb line rating and heavy power, this rod is built tough to stand up to whatever fishing challenges come your way. The premium type-H EVA rod handle is lightweight and slip-resistant, so you can ensure a secure grip when the action picks up. 


BrandUgly Stik
Fishing TechniqueCasting
Item Weight0.8 Kilograms


  • For heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • High sensitivity 


  • Way to heavy 

7. ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole – Kids Fishing Starter Kit 

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best for Teenagers

This is an excellent starter set for a youngster who is considering taking up fishing. The rod has a trigger handle and an anti-slip grip to make it easier for children to grasp and use. 

The three-eyelet version is just shy of 4 feet in length, providing your youngster enough room to cast without getting out of hand. The rod may be folded up and stored in the convenient carrying bag that comes with it.

The spin-cast, push-button design of the reel makes casting quick and straightforward, and the anti-tangle features make casting hassle-free. In addition, the line is already attached, so your children can start fishing immediately.

Why We Love it?

Kids can learn to cast in the comfort of their own backyard with the practice plug included in the combination package, which also contains all of the lures and equipment they’ll need for their first outings. The set also consists of a bait net, perfect for catching tadpoles, minnows, snails, and other aquatic creatures as a diversion for fidgety youngsters. This is a formidable beginning point for any young person.


Rod Length1.2, 1.5, 1.8 Meters
Fishing TechniqueCasting, Spinning
Hand OrientationRight


  • Complete with all necessary equipment
  • Quick to set up and take down


  • Only suitable for right-handed use.
  • Needs to be replaced as the child grows.
  • Specific users are reporting errors.

8. Wild Water Fly Fishing 9 Foot, 4-Piece, 3/4 Weight Fly Rod Deluxe Complete Fly Fishing Rod

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best for Fly Fishing

Since fly fishing is so different from the kind of fishing most of us are used to, it calls for its unique gear. The Wild Water 9-foot fly fishing rod and reel combination is an excellent choice for beginners interested in taking up fly fishing. A reel seat made of metal with twin lock rings and a cork grip complete the rod.

This four-piece rod disassembles for convenient transport and storage and has a medium-fast action for easy casting flies. The reel includes an 85mm spool and an adjustable drag system constructed of die-cast aluminum. A 9-foot 5x tapered polyamide leader and a bright floating fly line are already attached. The reel is completely interchangeable, allowing you to use it whether you’re left- or right-handed.

Why We Love it?

The reel is accompanied by a little floating fly box with nine flies of varying weights and sizes. The durable traveling bag has a shoulder strap and a ring holder to keep your rings safe and secure. This package provides the angler with all the essentials for immediate deployment to the river and successful fishing.


BrandWild Water
Rod Length9 Feet
MaterialAluminum, Graphite
Fishing TechniqueFly


  • Top-Notch Components
  • While being transported, the rod is disassembled.
  • Fly lines and hooks are provided.


  • Users have noted problems with the product.

9. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod

This fishing rod subculture has long been seen as exclusive and elitist, but recent cultural shifts have made the sport more welcoming than ever. Companies like Orvis are among the several that have recently begun producing high-quality equipment explicitly aimed at novice fishermen. Orvis has invested a lot of time and effort into the Clearwater series, and the technology has trickled down to every product in the range. Casting accurately and over great distances is a breeze with the Clearwater because of its high-quality construction and excellent cork and guides. As a result, Clearwater won our fly rod test for the best value.

The 9-foot, 5-weight combination is an ideal starter rod since it is suited to fishing for trout but can also be used for bass and panfish in warmer waters. Previous generations of combinations often had subpar reels that served little use beyond storing the fly line. Learn about Best All Around Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Why We Love it?

In contrast, the Clearwater reel is a cut above. This one is die-cast or poured in a mold to keep costs down compared to completely machined aluminium reels. The drag components, in particular, are comparable to those found in Orvis’s high-end reels, which sets this reel apart from others. The outcome is a reasonably priced, smoothly operating reel with little initial resistance to casting.

The rod has a quick action while yet being forgiving, making it ideal for novices starting to throw. Roll casting and overhead casting are second nature, and even if you’ve never cast a fly rod before, a quick half hour in the front yard may have you well on your way. To top it all off, the rod is covered by Orvis’s famed no-questions-asked 25-year guarantee, so you can fish with peace of mind knowing you’ll be taken care of no matter what.


Rod Length9 Feet
Fishing TechniqueFly


  • High-quality reel
  • Crisp and smooth drag
  • Best quality rod


  • Price might be too high for some budgets

Buying Guide for Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

1. Length

When choosing a fishing rod and reel combo, the length of the rod is an essential factor to consider. In most cases, longer rods offer more power and accuracy when casting. Longer rods are typically better suited for trolling or deep-water fishing, while shorter rods are ideal for light or shallow-water fishing. 

2. Handle

The rod handle should provide a comfortable fit in your hand and be easy to grip. A good handle should be made from non-slip material so you can hold on to it when conditions get wet or slippery.

3. Rod Material

The type of material used in the construction of your rod will largely determine its durability and strength. Most modern rods are made from fiberglass, Graphite, boron, carbon fiber, or composite material. Generally speaking, fiberglass is heavier but more durable than Graphite; however, Graphite is lighter and more sensitive than fiberglass rods. 

4. Portability 

Many anglers prefer to take their gear on trips away from home; therefore, portability is essential. For those needing equipment to fit into small spaces like boats or backpacks, telescopic rods can be handy since they collapse into a much smaller size than conventional rods without sacrificing performance or strength. 

5. Action and Power 

Action refers to how flexible (or stiff) a rod is when it bends under pressure from a fish tugging on the line – this helps determine how well the rod will respond once hooked up with a fish.

Medium Action/Medium Power combos are usually recommended for bass fishing since they balance flexibility and power nicely while being manageable for anglers who are used to casting large amounts of weight with their gear yet still provide enough strength for catching giant bass when required.  

6. Guides 

The guides on a fishing rod play an essential role in helping ensure smooth casts by reducing friction between the line and guide and helping transfer energy from casting motions into the bar itself for greater distance on models without quickly tiring out one’s arms.

7. Ball Bearings 

Most reels come equipped with ball bearings which help keep them running smoothly by reducing friction between different parts inside them; these bearings also play an essential role in keeping consistent tension on the line when fighting larger fish as they reduce the stress placed upon components within the reel by allowing parts within it rotate freely without hindrance.


What are an excellent ultra-light fishing rod and reel combo?

One of the best ultra-light rod and reel combos is the Shimano Sienna spinning combo. It features a lightweight graphite composite body, a smooth drag system, and a reliable gear ratio for superior performance. It also comes with a comfortable EVA handle for extended use.

Is ultra-light fishing difficult?

No, ultra-light fishing is easy to learn and enjoyable for all skill levels. With the right equipment, technique, and patience, anglers of any experience can get started in this exciting sport.

What type of fish can you catch with ultra-light gear?

Ultra-light tackle is particularly effective for catching smaller species such as panfish, trout, and bass. However, it’s also an excellent choice for targeting larger species like walleye and pike. In addition, with the proper technique and patience, anglers can target larger game fish, such as carp or catfish with ultra-light gear.

Who should use ultra-light gear?

Ultra-light tackle is ideal for anglers who prefer a more relaxed and intimate style of fishing. It’s also great for anglers who target smaller species in tight quarters where traditional tackle would be too cumbersome. With the proper technique, even novice anglers can quickly learn how to enjoy success with their ultra-light fishing setup.

Should I use a bait caster for ultra-light fishing?

No, most anglers prefer to use spinning reels for ultra-light fishing. Spinning reels are typically lighter and more sensitive than bait casters, making them better suited for this style of fishing. They also allow anglers to quickly adjust the amount of drag they need depending on the size and species of fish they target.

What type of line should I use for ultra-light fishing?

For most ultra-light applications, anglers prefer to use fluorocarbon or monofilament lines. Fluorocarbon provides excellent abrasion resistance and is nearly invisible underwater. Monofilament is also a great choice, as it allows anglers to adjust the amount of drag they are using easily.

What size lures should I use for ultra-light fishing?

The lure size you should use will depend on the type of fish you target and the conditions you’re fishing in. In general, anglers typically use small lures such as jigs or crankbaits when fishing with ultra-light tackle. These lures are small enough to be effective but still heavy enough to cast with your lightweight gear.

What are the best way to set up my ultra-light rod and reel combo?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since each setup will differ depending on the type of fish you’re targeting and the fishing conditions. However, most anglers prefer to use a 10-pound test monofilament line with a medium-heavy rod and reel combo.


In conclusion, ultra-light fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in an intimate and relaxed manner. Anyone can become a successful ultra-light angler with practice and the correct tackle. Whether you’re looking for an exciting new challenge or want to relax and catch smaller fish, ultra-light fishing has something to offer. With the best ultra light fishing rod and reel combos, you can have a great time fishing with ultra-light tackle!

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