Earlier in the past when there was no light, world best candles were used as a source of light. Candle is a solid wax with wick in it which upon ignition illuminates. Now a day it is not only a source of light but also a source of decoration for homes and rooms. Earlier there were simple strands of best candles, but now with the moving world forward, many different designs for candles are introducing successfully. The candles with elegant designs also have LED lights, with a remote control system. Different types of candles are introduced these days that provide fragrance according to the needs of people. These candles are not only provided the best fragrance and decoration but also play an important in treating anxiety and mood enhancement.

‘’Aromatherapy’’ is one of the best medicine to release stress and make yourself feel comfortable with the scent that eases brain nerves, enhance mood & alter the behavior of anger one to calm one. These days everyone wants to have power over their fears and uncertainties around everyday life. This may lead to a serious kind of anxiety and a high state of depression. The only ways to devastate these conditions are Scented Candles. We try our very best to give you top scented candles that can bring a positive attitude towards your love & family life. We will be pleased if you give us reviews about the product. Kindly mention them in the comment box.

Scented candles are best demanding as they can be used for different purposes like room decoration, birthday party & especially at the date to enhance mood and memorable event.

Types of candles:

  • Taper candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Votive candles
  • Flameless candles
  • Tea light candles
  • Container candles
  • Floating Candles
  • Gel candles
  • Candle Pot
  • Liquid candles
  • Cartridge candles
  • Birthday candles

Candle wax:

The candle can be made from different types of wax. It can be Bees wax, Soy wax, Paraffin wax, Bayberry wax. Soy-wax is a natural wax; it is easy to use and harmless.

At the end of the article, we describe some Common safety candle care tips and Warnings which are very useful for you and your family.


1)  Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint




Product Description:

Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy “Stress relief Candle” is made up of Eucalyptus & spearmint essential oils in high concentration to produce dreamy, lulling, energizing and freshening fragrance with the blending of soy-based wax that is unobjectionable and eco-friendly.

Soy-based wax generally has a lower melting point due to which it burn slower and last longer.

Free from any kind of chemical that releases toxin to the atmosphere and harm inhabitants.

It contains three wicks. All the wicks are of the same length. Candle with three wicks is vast and overspread with supplementary wax.

Melts without bumps and produces substantial fragrance throughout the room to reduce stress and make you feel cool, calm and relax.


  • Grant aid from colds and allergies
  • Plain territory of respiration
  • Ignite cleaner
  • Time honored
  • Soot less
  • Lower risk of wall & furniture spoilage by soot


  • Elegant design & texture

  • Smells pleasant & great

  • Fragrance ultra-fine

  • Much better than Yankee

  • Free of carcinogenic pollutants

  • Takes about 10 minutes to fill 400 square foot room with scent

  • Wick is not tall enough to lighten the room



In the world of top-rated Scented Candles; Stress Relief Candle is taking the lead due to the fragrance of eucalyptus and spearmint. It should be your priority if u want to ease your brain nerves and want to get rid of all stress of the day. Its long-lasting ability will make you tension free as it has broader wax with three wicks.





2)  Laura Ashley 3-Piece Flickering LED Candle Set with Daily Timer, Flameless Candles, Real Wax, Battery Powered, Electric Candlelight Dances and Flickers, Embedded String Lights Stay Lit, Tiered Pillars




Product description:

Laura Ashley 3-Piece LED Candle is Flameless candle that mimic the flickering glow of usual candle.

Don’t emit smoke or fumes.

Fascinating, charming & delightful view given by lights enclosed in string of silver wire around each candle.

Glow superbly due to authentic wax.

Electrotype product.

A self-activating candle that ignites’ preprogrammed every day at the same time.

Each box contains three candles in form of pillar.

Three of the pillar candles differ in height with 3.6 inches, 3.5 inch & 3.4 inches.


  • Loveable timer setting

  • Real without black smoke

  • Securely packed

  • There’s no messing, they just turn themselves on

  • Non-replaceable bulbs

  • Light is more, but it’s not harsh



If you are searching for the candle with various properties like all in one, than you should purchase this one. As it is non-smoky which is a major concern for those with allergies? Its natural glow will give your room a radiance appearance and the bright light flickering for four hours will be automated after the day. So there will be no worries to put it off /on again & again.




3)  AIMASI Scented Candles Jasmine, Lotus, Lilac Blossoms & White Gardenia, Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle, Set Gift of 4




Product Description:

Pack contains four candles, each having different pleasant

  • Jasmine
  • Lotus
  • Lilac
  • White Gardenia

Jasmine scent increase romantic and positive feelings.

Lotus scent invigorates senses.

Lilac scent enhances mood refreshment.

Can be taken to anywhere by setting the seal on.

Made of original soy-wax, free from any kind of impurities & toxic contaminants. It is inner room pollutant free.

Can be gifted to birthday boy/girl & couple as anniversary gift etc.

Ignite up to 12 to 15 hours

Size up to 1.8 x 2.6 H


  • Inexpensive

  • Intricately painted tin

  • Best for the purpose of gift

  • Smell wonderful

  • No black residue

  • Too small

  • Weak fragrance



Looking for different fragrances in single one? Then this might be a better option for u. Four different, one of the world class fragrances are included in one box. They just not fill your room with mind blowing scent but also make u sharpen your memory, heal your heart & ease your senses. All these can bring a positive attitude in your life.




4)  NEST Fragrances 3 Wick Candle- Apricot Tea




Product description:

Nest fragrances win FIFA award in 2018

Classic candle has English apricot with black tea leaves mingles with bergamot and golden amber.

Made with Cosmetic grade wax free from coarseness.

Designed beautifully to enhance its room beauty and decoration.

Classical shape of the glass vessel.

Distinct fragrance emanated it from all.

Three wick candles.

Wait equal 600 gram / 21.2 OZ.

Approximately burns for about 80 hours.


  • Fantastic holiday candle

  • Wonderful and festive candle

  • Family’s favorite scent

  • Last over 150 hour’s

  • Sentimental scent

  • Money worth

  • Takes 15-30 minutes to scent an entire room

  • Expensive

  • Jar shattered from heat flame

  • Heavily fragranced



Do you want to give your room a real identity? Then this Fantastic holiday candle with marvelous, cool, mind blowing and wondrous smell can make your day. It’s scent worth over penny.  You should give this one priority as it wins FIFA 2018.



5)  Yinuo Mirror Scented Candles Gift Set, Handmade Mosaic Design Votive Candle Gift for Man 2.5 Oz Per Cup, Lavender, Taro coo Orange, Copal, Agilwood for Stress Relief and Aromatherapy- 4 Pack




Product description:

Include four fragrances that are Lavender, Copal and Agilwood & Tarocoo Orange

Made up of natural soy- wax, that is 100% natural and degradable, without the presence of harmful materials in it.

Scented candle that promotes calmness, wellness. Reduce anxiety and lighten the soul.

Burn about for 20 to 25 hours / 2.5oz per each.

Beautifully packed.

All the jars are hand-made. Made accordingly the customer satisfaction and room decor.

Each glass is attached carefully around the candle. The color varies as the direction of light changes and the inner corner becomes golden upon ignition.

Finest gift for special one man like husband, brother, father, best friend and many others.


  • Perfect gift

  • Burn really clean

  • Super colorful

  • Light lovely scent

  • Excellent candle

  • Pretty mild

  • Not enough burn time



Now a day’s everyone wants to decorate their room. The Mosaic design handmade Votive candle with glassy colorful appearance & sparkling light can give room lush appearance.  Light scent will bring calmness to you. Nothing can be a better option than these two in one candle.



6) LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle Gift Natural Soy Wax, 60 Hours Burn Fine Home Fragrance, Glass Jar Candles Gift for Her





Product description:


It captures floral fragrance of jasmine that is meant for natural remedy to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue. Sometimes called as aphrodisiac.

Made up of 100% natural soy wax. It is free from paraffin and other carcinogenic pollutants. They burn freely without releasing harmful substituents that are a major concern for those with cold, cough and allergies.

Enclosed in white packaging.

Looks lush in wrapping with signature by golden, black and white detailing about the scent.

Last long for about a maximum of 60 hours. Enough time for easing brain nerves.

Cover with elegant lid.


  • Sweetest jasmine scent.

  • Beautiful presentation

  • Heavenly scent, worth every cent

  • Powerful fragrance

  • Lovely gift

  • Overpowering scent

  • Little costly



Whole world is in love with jasmine not only due to its beauty but also due to its fragrance. For the couples, to make their day & nights special this can play a very important role as its fragrance & scent cause mood swings. It creates romantic feelings & brings a positive attitude towards everyday life and makes relationships stronger than ever.



7) Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Awaken + Invigorate (Lemongrass Eucalyptus), Coffee Table




Product description:


Scented candle is made up of natural soy wax that is free from lead and easy to use at home.

Having lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils

Distinct citrusy scent boots energy level up.

Helps you fight drowsiness and effect is purifying.

Its smell invigorates the senses, enhances mood and clear up mind.

After ignition, the cool looking color of the jar reflects.

Cover with wood lid.

Burn for approximately 24 hours.

Made in USA.


  • Affordable

  • Not like a fake scent

  • Burns evenly

  • Pretty jar

  • Lasts long time

  • Provide peace &tranquility

  • Smells less



Within the affordable range the Bay Scented candle is a good option. The Bay Scented candle has the light citrusy smell which provides isolation.



8)  Set of 10 Flameless Battery Operated LED Ivory Taper Window Candles with Daily Timer, Removable Silver Candle Stands, Remote Control and 20 AA Batteries Included




Product description:


LED candle, 10 candles with stands & 2 batteries per candle.

Control by remote

Once it on, it ignites up to 5 hours continuously.

Automatically preprogrammed every day at the same time.

Candles can be place everywhere in the house and can be controlled by the remote after activating.

Batteries are powerful enough to spend one complete season by long lasting burn.

These are Flameless candles without any soot.

Better to be used at candle light dinner, parties and home dinners. Furthermore it is a good addition to room decoration.

The stands can be separated when you want.


  • Look great enough from the street.

  • Bright enough for sure

  • Work incredibly well

  • Better & cheap electric candles

  • Super finicky

  • Nothing special




In the era of technology, we try to provide you with the best. So, the LED Scented Flameless candles with remote control system work very well. It will be a very good addition to any kind of gathering and surprise party ideas.  Some people call it finicky, although it is not.  Also cheap in range.



9)  Amber, Rose & Sheer Musk | Luxury Scented Soy Candles | Hand Poured in The USA | Highly Scented & Long Lasting | 9 Oz. White Jar- 2 Pack (No Box, No lid)




Product description:


Luxury scented candle contained amber, rose and sheer Musk. Amber scent is warm, rich & honey like. Rose and sheer musk have evocative fragrance.

It smells like coffee

Made up of 100% natural wax soy wax free from harmful contaminants.

Made in USA.

Handmade wax candle, poured by hands into jars.

Luxurious scent increases harmony and sooth etching muscles.

Burn long

Great to be gifted


  • Clean & Mellow

  • Addicting & Delicious scent

  • Seductive scent

  • Long lasting

  • Lingers even without burning

  • Not really smells

  • Small in size




Luxury scented candle have combination of main flowers essential oils. Rose is beauty of the world. Those in love with rose and amber fragrance will surely make it a priority after using for once. Free from alcohol and fillers. Burn clean & smooth without any kind of sooty material.



10)  Scented Candles Soy Candles – Natural Soy Candles Aromatherapy White Candle Long Lasting Candles – Soy Candles Gift Set Candles Aromatherapy White Candle Frosted Glass Jar ( Lavender & Eucalyptus )





Product description:


Made up of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils. Lavender and Eucalyptus scent promotes slow-wave sleep, coolness & relaxation of muscles.

Keep in mind that these are also made up of 100% natural soy-wax that is made up of from oil of soybeans, natural and free of toxicity.

Scented candle burn for very long time.

It contains 100 % cotton wick.

It is exactly what you people are looking for your home.

Designed beautifully with one of coolest colors to make it decent one.

Highly scented candle is free from flame. It doesn’t affect those having allergic reactions to flame.

Belongs to Craft & Kin collection that always launch things in accordance with customer satisfaction.

Lovely gift for the one you love by heart.


  • Soft natural scent

  • Classy

  • Very chic

  • Fresh

  • Mood calming and aesthetic candle

  • Durable and giftable

  • Weak scent

  • Not strong smell




The Lavender and eucalyptus Scented candle is one of the finest candles that are soft and classy in nature. It is not only a good gift but also a mood calming candle. Soft scent doesn’t cause a headache as many other scents do. Its smell is durable.



Common safety candle care tips


  • Try to buy multi-wick candle
  • Trim it with awareness with scissor and any cutter etc
  • Grip it with care
  • Permit the wax to liquefy
  • By no means leave the flaming candle unattended
  • Put out all the candle while parting the area
  • Be confident that the candle is placed on firm and plane surface
  • Put it away from the flow of air, relatively through open window and ceiling fans
  • Keep it away from the objects that can catch fire like curtains etc
  • Use cover to quench a fire
  • In no way use water to smother the flame
  • Never use it as a night light
  • Before relightening, let the candles cool
  • Never burn a candle if the jar is fractured
  • Never burn the candle to the end of the pot
  • Turn off fire if flame becomes too high
  • Keep a distance of at least 10cm between two flaming candles




  • Put flaming candle away from children’s and pets
  • Don’t shift a burning candle


Don’t lay candle near a source of heat or high temperature

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