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Waqar Shahid is a 25-year-old tech geek and blogger from the UK. With a degree in Computer Science and a love for programming and computing, he is in his element when writing guides about Hackintoshing. When not obsessing about tech, Jamie is learning how to cook (badly) and walking his best friend, Thor (Shepherd / Collie).
top 6 vacuum cleaner
Home Appliances

Best and cheap Vacuum cleanser 2019

A perfect house is essential for the well being and prosperity of your whole family.  So, make the perfect clearner house need the best product for cleaning. We listed below top 6 vacuum cleaners of 2019.  These are the best...

17 inch laptops 2019

Best 17 Inch Laptops 2019

Life of a gadget crack is loaded with disclosures as consistently; he winds up coming up crosswise over something new and energizing. Now and again, these gadgets and their highlights are very surprising and unimaginable. One of them is the...

best gaming laptop under $1000

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 (Aug 2019)

This is the most far-reaching manual for best gaming laptops under $1000 on the planet. The best part? We've gone through 47 hours in all-out testing each gaming laptop thoroughly, so you don't need to. We're going to separate the...

Home Appliances

Top 5 Best wall mirror 2019

The Top 5 best wall mirror 2019 is much more than an area to check the hair or even touch up the lipstick. This smart wall membrane accent really does double charming duty because doing so fills your trusty space with fashionable wall feature, but may be able to help dark and small places look lighter or brighter by jumping light from the room and visually broadening the route of the wall beyond where they may be. Typically, the period of...

best casino machine

Casino Slot machines Price

Manufacturers such as International Game Technology (IGT) and WMS Industries (owned by Scientific Gaming, one of 2017’s fastest-growing developers) have perfected the art and science of producing slot machines. They offer tremendous variety, not only in-game themes but also in...

Top 5 best laptop to buy 2019

Best 5th Generation Laptops in 2019

We've chosen the latest models from the top brands (HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer) to enable you to discover which is the best laptop for your very own requirements. Best Laptops You Should Buy in 2019 are commonly best 5th generation...


Best Cheap Price crossbow 2019

Choosing the correct best cheap price crossbow 2019 every single relies upon the advantages that help improve it the one for yourself. These are the advantages you are required to look out for in best cheap crossbows 2019. The tempt stature...


5 Best Laptops for Animation (July 2019)

We went through 80 hours testing out 11 laptops and six unique makers for this. It was very hard to select the best laptop for animation. We chose to shortlist the 5 Best Laptops for Animation. Supervisor's Choice for the...

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